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ICT Consultancy

Technodol’s ICT Consulting services lead to value generating propositions based on the clients’ mission and objectives. Working in a collaborative manner with client organizations, combines the specialised skills of its personnel with proven methodologies, widely adopted standards and best practices, to maximise expected value for its clients.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is any kind of marketing that happens on a digital platform. Whether it’s on your website, your social media, or through email, it’s digital marketing. On the other hand, Inbound Marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. It’s a way to market (usually using digital marketing tactics) that draws in qualified leads, rather than blasting a message out to a mass audience. The Digital Marketing Certification Course will teach you how to become an effective digital marketer with an inbound-first mindset.

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Web Development

We Provide Modern Web Design Technologies.

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CCTV Camera Sales, Install & Repair

CCTV camera sales. CCTV project install. Servicing CCTV cameras project as modern system.

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Computer Repair Home/Remote Service

We are providing Windows Home/Remote and Computer Repair.

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Computer & Computer accessories Sales

New Computer & Computer accessories Sales.

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IP PBX System

We are providing IP PBX System and PABX System for Home Office.

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ERP Software Solution

We are providing ERP for diagnostic , hospital, store, pharmacy, industry and etc.

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Computer Training Institute

1. Basic Office Application (MS Word, Excel, Power Point) 2. Advance Office Application (MS Word, Excel, Power Point, One Drive, Google Service) 3. Computer Hardware Organization (Computer I/O Assembling, Input Output Device Specification, System Software & Application Software, Internet Service & Device, Troubleshoots Common Problems) 3. CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associates) 4. Graphic Design 5. Digital Marketing 6. Website Design & Development

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